Hi! I'm Robert, expert in developing powerful, elegant, usable and accessible websites to inform, inspire and effectively communicate your message to your audience. Give me a shout!

Who am I?

Robert Saliba

Robert Saliba

Hi , I’m Robert! I currently live and work in Montreal, Canada.

Competition on the web is so fierce these days. If you want to get noticed, own a powerful and effective website
and maximize usability and accessibility for the targeted users, I’m your guy!

Six ago when I joined my first digital team I made the decision to develop my skills in front end development,
coding HTML / XHTML and CSS along with an understanding of usability and accessibility and the ability
to test and debug my code for cross browser/platform compatibility.

Today, I’m continuing to do exactly that. With the inclusion of implementing jQuery for animation and functionality.
Although the specification for HTML5 has not been finalized and CSS3 is gradually being implemented
into today’s browsers, I keep up–to–date and try new techniques.

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